About Dryspell

    Dryspell is homegrown four-on-the floor straight ahead rock n roll. Influenced by the steady rhythms and back beat of 70’s & 80’s rock with the power and angst of 90’s roll blended with modern tone and melody. Dryspell is a unique mix of contemporary heaviness that draws influence of no-nonsense songwriting, relentless beat and classic storytelling.

    Dryspell is Blake, Evan, Katherine, and Darren. They all have a job to do and do it they will.

    Dryspell continues to write, record and create as well as play live, make videos and friends wherever they may roam.

    Going strong since 2014 Dryspell hopes to see you on the road as they continue to bring their unique sound to a gig near you.

    So come out and hang with friends and stomp your feet with Dryspell.